Space Trip

Space is a very long way away

But, to get there, I have to pay,

Great deals of money, and I can't turn back,

So I grab my spacesuit, helmet and snack.

Up in the galaxy, there is no sky,

Up in the galaxy, stars float by

Up in the galaxy, the earth is fading

Up in the galaxy, I start craving

For food, for water for some gravity

But then it just stops, I'm giddy with glee

For here comes the moon in its shining glory

Is it made of cheese? No, that's just a story

It is white, and opalescent,

I can see through the visor in shades of irridescent

It's craters are colossal

It's just like one huge fossil!

And then suddenly I see it, in the blink of an eye

I saw it, I really did, why would I lie?

I saw a spaceship, whizz by for a split-second,

The passanger was blue, no, green, I reckon

It had three black eyes, and one sharp tooth

It looked at me and winked, that is the honest truth.

So if you ever go to space one day,

If you save up the money to pay,

Go past the moon and the shimmering stars

You might just see my green friend from Mars

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