Space Debate!

Presenter: Hello and welcome back to NASA News!

This episode is about if space exploration is really worth the cost? We are joined by two guests and one of them is a person who works for NASA and an astronaut. What do you think, is it worth the cost? Hope you enjoy!

Guest 1: I think it is worth the cost because we could expand humanity to other planets to control overpopulation. If you didn’t know humanity advances so these would be more common which would decrease the price as it becomes more popular. As we develop new technology in our life [on earth] we would forgot about the pollution in our modern life, so we could find new natural resources on mars or even moon. We extracted all the nature in the past few years and we could use recycled materials when we run out but for now I think I’m positive that space exploration is worth the cost.

Guest 2: I think that it isn’t worth the cost because if we spend too much money (on space exploration) we won’t be able to buy groceries for our homes and health supplies. Also, instead we could help charities and people from all over the world and maybe actually help our planet from pollution and rubbish. In 2019 14 people died during being astronauts which is really sad as we are ruining our health to finding life at space, we still have millions of years living on this earth but only if we turn our heads on and look what is happening because of pollution. For now people are wondering what is going to happen to our healthy lives with pollution. Space exploration gives us no direct benefit of knowing if we can settle on those other planets! Please agree with our daily post and know back to the presenter.

Presenter: Our world need help so I hope we can get along and settle on one opinion …

Well, help us with your feedback,

We hope that we made our problem clear to you!

We will see you on NASA News again soon.

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