Space Debate - @devoted_signature and @champion_seahorse


Today, champion_seahorse will be Tyler Unwin, devoted_signature will be Perry Hope and talented_cokie will be Molly Matthew. * please bare in mind that these are made up names*

Molly: Welcome to the BNC News! I will be your host today and we will be discussing this big issue; is space exploration worth the cost? I am not alone in this BNC News today as I have two NASA experts that kindly volunteered to be included in our debate. Please may I welcome you the NASA flight director Perry Hope and the NASA scientist Tyler Unwin! Thank you for coming to todays news. To begin today, I would like to begin this issue by discussing how much it will cost to travel to space. Perry, may you please begin and tell me how much is spent and why is that a good thing?

Perry: Well, the USA have spent $ 18 billion on space exploration and it is a good thing because this money could go to a good cause on space and let us find out many more of it’s secrets. It would make sense for the USA to spend that much money as they have sent the first astronaut to space ( Neil Armstrong ) with his friends, Buzz Aldrin and Micheal Collins. They have created history and inspiration. This however, has helped our knowledge increase about something new.

Molly: Wow. How about you Tyler and why is that a bad thing?

Tyler: Molly. NASA's budget in 2015 was $ 17.5 billion and it is a lot of money that was spent. This money could have been spent on something more useful like saving our own planet, defeating space and Earth pollution and overall helping everywhere. Besides, Earth is our home.

Molly: Very educational. For the next topic, I would like you now to discuss how does space exploration affect us humans? Perry please start the discussion.

Perry: I know that space exploration helps us in a good way because it will expand our knowledge to make more history and could allow us to create more solutions to help solve whatever problems we have on our Earth.

Tyler: Space Exploration can affect the human body when the test on the twin brothers were tested on. Scott went up to space for a year and Mark stayed on Earth whilst helping NASA. After the year ended and Scott came back, they now share 93% because of the conditions that were made when usual twins share 100%. This has affected 7% of their sharing DNA.

Perry: A part of the reason why the twins now share 93% could be because they have been separated for a year and they could have been doing different things when Scott had to eat different food and there is a different atmosphere in space. I know that when you are in low gravity, you have to be trained to be that type of person who doesn’t get headaches in space. That could have happened to Scott when he was in space.

Molly: Tyler, Molly I think it is time to finish off our BNC News! Today, we had a really good space debate on our statement; Is Space Exploration Worth The Cost? Thank you for volunteering and I will see everyone next on BNC News! Goodbye!

Tyler: Goodbye

Perry: Goodbye

Hope you enjoyed this debate thank you for reading and we would like to know , have you changed your opinion ?

*Real opinions from real people*

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