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Presenter: Good afternoon. My name is Destiny Star. This is the channel BNC and you're watching the Pink Debates. Today we will be discussing Space Exploration: Is it worth the cost? We have invited two guests today: Ruby Moon and Saphire Sun. Miss Moon is protesting for Space exploration and Miss Sun is protesting against Space exploration. Would you be aginst or for? Let's begin the discussion by talking to Miss Moon.

Ruby Moon: I am for Space Exploration because people want to find out more about space. Even though alot of money is spent, it is still worth it as we could use it for greater discoveries. Not many people have the opportunity to go to space so we are lucky to have the ISS so astronauts can do further research for us earthlings.

Presenter: What do you mean by ' people want to find out more about space'?

Ruby Moon: What I mean is that we want to learn different facts about space. We want to take care of it. We want to discover planets and much more wonderful things.

Presenter: Thank you very much Miss Moon. Now we shall move onto Miss Sun.

Saphire Sun: Well Miss Star, I strongly disagree with Miss Moon as the ISS costs an astounding amount of money! Approximatley $160,000,000,000. It is also the most expensive necessity in Space. It also uses an astonishing amount of electricity which also consumes electricity and materials in large quanitities. Overall, it uses 91 kilowatts (120,000 watts) of electricity just to power this spacecraft!

Presenter: Do you have an example of something we could use the money for if it was not spent on the ISS already?

Saphire Sun: In my mind's eye, we could use it for other principles such as the following: Cleaner roads, An improvement of hostility conditions and a more helpful reaction on Global Warming.

Presenter: Thank you Miss Sun.Now, Miss Moon how would you respond to the point Miss Sun has just stated?

Ruby Moon: I understand what Miss Sun is trying to say. I know that the ISS has spent quite alot of money on Space Exploration, yet it is all for a good cause. Although the money used for building the ISS could be used for something else, I believe that the spacecraft is more important because, in a way, it is our key to success. Many people, and I hope others agree, have prospered from this.

Presenter: Is there a way the ISS could have been cheaper? What is your view on this?

Ruby Moon: To be honest, actually do not think the ISS could be cheaper as that could potentially cause the ISS to be less fortunate in suceeding in finding further discoveries.

Presenter: Now that we have heard Miss Moons point of view, let us hear what Miss Sun has to say.

Saphire Sun: I stand my ground to understand that instead of misusing a great deal of money, the ISS could have possibly been assembled using less expensive elements. In order to use the remaining money for other additional occasions.

Presenter: Thank you for being a participant of our show. Now, Miss Moon thinks we should explore space whereas Miss Sun believes otherwise.Tell us your thoughts on our website:

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