Space exploration (both sides)

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A good idea

I believe that space elploration is a good idea because we could potentially find ore life on other planets than earth or we could find life and could study the creature to see what its lifetime would be like. I also think that space exploration is an extaordinary idea because we could find out secrets about other planets such as Mars and is there is any life, and find out better ways to do things. We could find out if there are alienss or other similar animal/creatures.

A bad Idea

I believe that space exploration is a bad idea because we could damage the moon or any other planets in the solar system. I also believe this idea because we could focus to much about space than our own land. I believe this because i have researched that we have been paying to much attention to the mysteries of space that our oceans. Also, we could be spending too much money on the exessive funcions of how we could get to space and the earth could become more poluted then it ever has been.


1. What do you think about space exploration?

2. Do you think that there is life on Mars?

3. What will happen with our Earth?

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