Space exploration debate

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Johnson: Hello and welcome to Debate.Co. Our topic for today is space exploration and if it's worth the cost. Today we have two wonderful guests, Harriet and Sophie. Over to you Harriet.

Harriet: So as you know, I have the money to go to space. This is a once in a lifetime experience, so, yes, it's worth the cost. So, let's see what you have to say about that Sophie.

Sophie: Well it is true that it is once in a lifetime but what about us, we don't have the money to go, while you hi-tech people get to go.

Harriet: Well, who cares about you? We are rich enough to go to the moon, whilst you don't have the money. So, in my opinion, it's fair enough for us to go.

Sophie: How dare you? Put yourself in our shoes for a while and you will understand our expressions. Plus, there is no point because there are already astronauts to go, so if you want to learn about space, use your overpriced devices and go and search it up.

Johnson: Harriet, are there any reasons to disagree?

Harriet: Of course, we barely get any fun here since our servants take too much care for us so they have to follow us around everywhere letting us barely move. But if we go to space, we get all the fun we want because the rocket won't be able to lift a lot of people.

Sophie: Ok, give everything to me since you are bored and tired with it, also you do have to put ypour seatbelt while on the rocket sometimes and once you get to the moon you won't be able to jump high because if you do you will be lost in space and your life will end there.

Johnson: So, what do you think viewers? Should the rich get the opportunity or should everybody be equal? Thank you for watching and good bye. See you on our next debate.

*Music plays again*

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