Space exploration : is it publicized enough?

Recently, the majority of the news has been about Brexit. Space exploration can affect everyone - especially with recent research into Mars and living there. Have we been talking about it enough?

For example, in 2015, a new planet was found. This was very similar to Earth as it had the same temperature and has a 385 day orbit - only 20 days more. This was a groundbreaking discovery as it could be a future habitat for humans. This would be good as the world is extremely overpopulated at the moment and and with climate change would be a viable option. “Today we’re announcing the discovery of an exoplanet that as far as we can tell is a pretty close cousin of Earth,” said John Grunsfeld, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. “It’s the closest so far.” This shows how important the discovery was. However, when I searched it under "kepler 452b news sites", it only came up with the BBC news website. This shows that space exploration is not publicised enough because it is an extremely revolutionary discovery and everyone needs to know about it.

However, there is also the argument that space distracts from bigger issues. For example, climate change has been a very prominent issue in the news and in general. Climate scientists have said that we only have 20 years before we turn back. It takes roughly seven months to get to mars so ,by the time we have worked out how to get to mars and got there, climate change will have happened and the world we be in chaos.

In conclusion, there are positives and negatives to space being publicised. However, in my opinion, I believe that space should be publicised more.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Braiswick Primary School succinct_leaves | Braiswick Primary School
    22 Nov 2019

    I think space isn't getting publicised a lot for a good reason: climate change is more important. We have to try our best to stop climate change so we can preserve Earth for as long as we can. We can't just go jumping from planet to planet, trashing them on the way; that just isn't fair for our world. And space is getting publicised enough for what is necessary as space exploration isn't as important as it used to be since we've already discovered most things about space.

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    1. Weston-Favell-logo-250x250.jpg honorable_conclusion | Weston Favell Academy | United Kingdom
      succinct_leaves's comment 26 Nov 2019

      I respect your opinion, however I disagree. Space exploration may seem like it can only impact what we do outside our planet but it has an impact on earth. For example, you spoke about how climate change is a bigger issue and we need to focus ; however, space exploration was actually how we discovered the effects of climate change. Also, there are pictures taken from space of how climate change is affecting us. This shows space exploration is not being publicized enough because,without it, we wouldn't have discovered the issues that currently take up the news.

      Also, space exploration is important because it has helped us to make so many things. For example, space exploration gave us the chance to discover artificial limbs. Artificial limbs have given people a better quality of life. Also, space exploration has helped us to discover better land mine removal. This helps people in bomb disposal and soldiers. This shows that space exploration should be publicized more because it benefits everyone.
      In conclusion, although there are reasons against space exploration being in the media, it is beneficial for the whole country.

      Information found at :

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      1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
        honorable_conclusion's comment 26 Nov 2019

        Good reasoning, honorable_conclusion, and you've used knowledge from the sessions too.

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      2. Braiswick Primary School succinct_leaves | Braiswick Primary School
        honorable_conclusion's comment 26 Nov 2019

        We learnt about climate change not necessarily by going into space; we sent satellites into space and they took pictures for us to see. That is how we discovered climate change. And about what you said at the end, it doesn't benefit everyone since even if you were poor and needed an artificial limb, you wouldn't be able to afford it so, even if it does seem like it, space exploration doesn't benefit everyone. Anyway, it takes to much time to send rockets into space that could potentially help us; we are better off just dealing with climate change head on. I know my opinion isn't widely agreed with but that is what I think.


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  • Braiswick Primary School spirited_insect | Braiswick Primary School
    23 Nov 2019

    I think it is publicized enough because people are now getting interested in Space again but I don't think it should get more well-known on the subject of Space tourism because from the history of Space exploration, Space exploration technology is more advanced than tourism technology because it is not for tourism, but to explore Space and collect things.
    I disagree with you succinct_leaves because us discovering most things in Space doesn't make much sense as Space is expanding and there are many other universes according to the post 'What is the universe expanding into?' so it is likely while universes are expanding, planets are being created, meaning things are likely going to be created infinitely.

    In conclusion, I think it is publicized enough in the term of news and Space exploration, this is why so many people are hopeful for a new planet to live on.

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