Space exploration, is it worth it?

Space exploration has enabled us to understand the universe around in full colour. Through it we have invented CAT scans, Dust busters, water purification systems and so many more. Exploring space will enable us to find a new home and pave a way for a intergalactic civilisation. But at what cost?...

The average price of a rocket from NASA is over 500 million dollars and the cost of Apollo ll was 355 dollars. Can we afford to waste our money on space exploration people in Syria are eating grass and our climate is is havoc. We have time left to save our Earth, and if we focus more money on reducing poverty and other huge problems like climate chaos, we can make a difference. A huge difference. Although,the private sector has found new technologies to lower the mindblowing cost, Space X has managed to lower the cost of their rockets to 60 million dollars.

In my opinion space exploration would be worth it, if was much cheaper and we could focus more on other things too like reducing poverty.

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