Space Exploration - Is it worth the cost?

Here are some reasons why Space Exploration is NOT worth the cost:

  • The cost is immense - the money could be used elsewhere.
  • We may have made multiple discoveries, however, they have all been accidental and we cannot rely on accidental discoveries to help us.
  • There are so many risks - you could lose a life in the process of discoveries.
  • There are so many things that we are yet to discover on Earth - we need to discover things there first.
  • We can invent things on Earth - we don't need to head off to space to invent things.

Here are some reasons why Space Exploration IS worth the cost:

  • There are so many things we can discover in space - the opportunities are infinite.
  • Those accidental discoveries are not our main goal; they are a good addition and help us in our daily life and so we are helped.
  • We can make the economy richer and the money we earn can go to poverty etc.

My opinion:

I believe that space exploration is good as the things we can get from the it can help our economy hugely.

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  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg balanced_badger | Noel Park Primary School
    23 Dec 2019

    Space exploration is NOT worth the cost as you can spend your savings on important stuff like rent.One the other hand,it will be really cool to float and see how big the earth actually is and we get to learn the truth about space in the past or the future.

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