Space Exploration: is it worth the cost?

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Kevin: Welcome back to the BNC news.With your host today Kevin Smith. Today we'll be disscussing about how much money is Space exploration and do you think Space exploration is worth the cost?.Introuducing are special guest Profesor Jason Chris from NASA HQ and Docter Chloe Evans from Wildlife angency.

Profesor Jason: Good afternoon

Doctor Chloe: Good day

Kevin: So Profesor Jason and Doctor Chloe. Do you think we should spend this much money on Space exploration when we could spend the money on our planet Earth?

Profesor Jason: To start with, there are a lot of complaints on how money we spend on Space exploration so,in my opinion I belive we should because the things we find can be very useful to us. For exaple NASA have dicovered many things such as water purifications, Cat scans and artificial Limbs.

Docter Chloe: Since I'm from the wildlife federation I stongly dissagree because all that money we spend on Space exploration we could have spend on wildlife but not only in wildlife we could of have spend it on climate change.

Kevin: Our next question is should Space toursim be allowed?

Profesor Jason: I think it should be allowed because other people can be more inturiuged and more peaple cand learn even though it is a lot of money.

Kevin:Thank you Profesor Jason and Docter Chloe

Docter Chloe: I don't think there should be Space toursim because:

1. People are not trained

2.What happens if the rocket blows up.

3. It can be alot of money

Kevin: How does space tourism effect the future?

Profesor Jason: It can help us in the future as we can find very useful things or we could find a planet B like Mars.

Doctor Chloe: It won't help us because of animals.

Kevin: That's all tonight from the BNC goodnight

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  • Graveney-logo-250x250.jpg lovable_writer | Graveney School | United Kingdom
    18 Dec 2019

    I love your post! I think you raised a very interesting point; for space tourism to happen, would participants need to be trained? This would make it a lot more complicated for companies like Space X to take people on holiday into space. Also, would guidelines have to be put in place when travelling? Would you need some sort of identification to travel into space? would you end up with 'spaceports' like airports? Would there be security and a queue for the check-in? This is one of the reasons why I think space tourism is not a good idea; the logistics. There would be so much to consider for space tourism when our own Earth is simply on or doorstep.

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  • Hammond School logo versatile_molecule | Hammond Junior School B
    24 Dec 2019

    I think it should not happen because of what we have on our hands write now.
    Rough sleeping has doubled since 2010
    The ice sheet in Greenland is melting seven times faster than it was 25 yrs ago
    Knife crime is increasing by over 14 percent each year
    Shortages of water
    Increase in wild fires and much more.
    It is definitely arguable that space exploration does not cost or pollute as much as other thinks like the meat industry due to the infrequency of launching rockets and building huge telescopes but the 28 tons of co2 that is emitted by the average rocket is still a lot and launching the average rocket costs 500 million dollars and launching a satellite costs up to 400 million dollars, this is also a lot, that money could be spent on helping the planet and reducing poverty. I understand that Space X's average rocket costs under 100 million but it is questionable when other companies will start radically decreasing the price of their rockets. However, it is undeniable that space exploration has benefited lives in many ways, some of the things that we would not have without space exploration are: cat scans, artificial limbs, water purifications systems and much more effective treatment for cancer.

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg glorious_power | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
    23 Mar 2020

    Thank you very much lovable writer

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