Space Exploration: Necessity or Frivolity?

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In the recent day and age, it is not as rare to see people going to space to collect data but it is also not rare to hear someone saying '' I wish I could go to space '' in a frivolous manner. However hearing this more often, I have been thinking if it is necessary to go to space or if it is something we want.

I think that going to space should only be used to collect data we think is the essential meaning we should go for a necessity. I think this because, if we decided to send people into space for no reason we will be affecting space by polluting it causing issues in space.

Also, going to space will cost a lot of money according to '''' Virgin Galactic says ''If you're looking simply to cross the 62-mile-high Karman line that marks the boundary between the upper atmosphere and outer space, Virgin Galactic says it will take you there for $250,000''. I think that using $250,000, to go to not even go to space and only go to the Karman line I think is not worth it. In addition to this going to space is just like gambling with your life, this is because NASA said that you have a 1 in 100 chance of dying in a rocket launch. Although this is a low chance of dying, there is that one chance.

Now hearing the bad side of going to space as just as a visitor, we should now talk about the benefits.

A benefit of going to space or going near it is that it will inspire people to join NASA, as seeing the marvels of space and its eternal void people might want to go and get a job in NASA to expand their knowledge in space or even want to go to space for a mission to collect data and information. Also if people decide to enroll in Nasa, it would help humanity gain more information about outer space in a quicker manner.

Another benefit of sending people into space would be seeing the world in a different way. This is because people would be able to view the galaxy and earth in a different more beautiful way. Also, it would make you one of only a few hundred people who have gone to space and have come back successfully.

Now that I have researched and understood both if we should or should not send people to outer space because they want to, my overall answer is to not do this. This is because space pollution is happening and if we are already polluting space by sending people there for work I do not think we need to contribute to this issue.

If you have finished reading this I thank you. By the way, this is only my opinion to those of you who don't agree with this is fine don't worry I understand that everyone has a different view of things.

Thank you for reading and goodbye.


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  • Braiswick Primary School succinct_leaves | Braiswick Primary School
    23 Nov 2019

    I am going to be exploring reasons for both matters, and you can compare them and see what one you think for this arguement.


    I think space exploration is a necessity because by sending satellites into space we can see things like meteors and
    prepare for them. What I mean by this is that if satellites see meteors in space, they can track where they are going to land and by looking at these, people can warn people who live in a certain area. We can also have fun while we're doing it! If we didn't have fun then the world would be miserable, and who really wants that? People also work better if they are happy so they can do their jobs better. By exploring space, we can also get lots of metals from the moon's surface which can help us do jobs easier and better than before.


    Space exploration isn't important as it is just for countries to show off. By this, I mean that it is just for countries to send people to space and use a lot of money in the process. Countries like USA, Russia are all showing off their wealth by "battling" to be the first country to send people to Mars just like they did with the moon. It is also just a waste of money since they aren't discovering anything but they just want the fame. In addition to this, it makes the rich get all the oppurtunities since the poor and middle-class can't afford to go to space and the moon which just all the more makes the rich seem better than they are. It is also mean to send people to space not knowing that they have a fairly likely chance to die or get very ill up there. Another reason is that it creates space pollution and debris which if they are big enough can hit rockets or the ISS and cause them to stop working resulting in the astronauts most likely dying. This is just another thing that increases the risk in space exploration and travel.


    Personally, I think that space exploration is good mainly because of the recently mentioned reasons in the 2 paragraph. But we should definitely cut down on the amount of space travel and exploration because we have bigger problems on Earth.


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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      succinct_leaves's comment 25 Nov 2019

      A good summary of these opinions, succinct_leaves. To improve even further, consider focussing on one reason for each paragraph and really developing it.

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