space explorationis it worth the cost

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(A) Hello , everyone welcome to st nicks news we have two special guests Miss Dynamic W and Mr Precious S. I am going to be talking about space exploration if it is worth it or not in this episode . Lets get right into today`s topic .

(A) Miss Dynamic W can you tell me how much money do you spend on space exploration?

(E) we spent£ 250 million to £300 million.

(A) Mr Pecious S are there any problemsabout this ?

(D) yes I think it is way to much money.

(A) So Miss Dynamic W can you claify for me what do you do in the international space station?

(E) At the international space station I study minerals and how they get there.

(A)Am I right in saying that this isa bad or good idea Mr Precious S ?

(D) I think this is a bad idea because it could be dangerous.

(A)What evidence do you have if there is aliens on mars Miss Dynamic W ?

(E) I don`t have any evidence ,but aliens might be real .After i have done my minerals essay, i will study aliens.

(A) are ther any reasons to disagree with Miss Dynamic W that aliens might be real?

(D) I disagree because nobodyhas ever seen an alien.

(A) How would you respond to the point Mr Precious S

(E) well you never know,nextimeyou got to space you might just meet one.

(A) Mr Precious S is they any other way that we could change space exporation?

(D)No because i don`t want to change it .

(A) Miss Dynamic W is there any other way you can travel to space?

(E) we are currently use rockets but ,we are still working on other vehicles .

(A) Mr Pecious S do you have a example that Miss Dynamic W is wrong?

(D) Yes ,only rockets can go to space .

(A)thank you for joining us we hope the viewers decide on our website who is right and who is wrong.

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