Space final piece (Sorry that its late) Made by upbeat_acorn,amusing_petal,thoughtful_squirrel and inspiring_jackfruit

Today we will be having a debate on whether space is worth the cost. We will have amusing_petal as Holly Walker she will be the presenter. The next character we have is guest one this person believes it is worth the cost this will be played as inspring_jackfruit and her name will be Louise May. Finally, for our last character we have guest two this person believes that space is not worth the cost. This role will be played as thoughtful_squiral her name is Evie Jane. Hope you enjoy! (These are NOT real names)

Holly Walker: Hello and welcome to NASA News. Today we will be discussing a current issue going around ‘Is space worth the cost?’ Next to me I have two very special guests. Let me introduce you to Louise May she is a space scientist and my other special guest today is Evie Jane who is a space doctor. Let’s hear from our first guest!

Louise May: Thank you for having me Holly it is a pleasure to be here today!

Holly Walker: Well Louise do you believe that space is worth the cost?

Louise May: Why yes I do Holly I believe that space is worth the cost because if we did not spend money on all of the essential supplies we wouldn’t know as much as we do today and if our equipment didn’t work if we tried to explore space it would fail.

Holly Walker: Wow we are starting off really well, that was a great start Louise. Now let’s move on to our next guest. Evie what’s your opinion of the issue?

Evie Jane: Like Louise thank you for having me today it is a pleasure to be here. In my opinion I believe that space is not worth the cost because if the government keep spending money on things for space how will we have money to solve problems on earth?

Holly walker: We are on a roll today folks. That was a very interesting piece of information. Let’s get back to Louise.

Louise May: I do agree with you Evie but if we explore space we might find something that can be used on earth to help solve our problems.

Holly Walker: Yes, that is a possibility Louise. Let’s see what Evie thinks about that.

Evie Jane: I agree with Holly that could be a possibility but did you know Louise that we know more about space then our own oceans and that it has been estimated that the total cost of the Apollo 11 mission that put the man on the moon was $25.4 billion.

Holly Walker: Wow Evie that was very interesting fact! Now back to Louise,

Louise May: I agree with Holly Evie that was a very interesting fact but in my opinion I think if we discover new explorations than we may be able to get some of that money back.

Holly Walker: Oh sorry guys looks like we have to end it here, well anyway thank you Evie and Louise for coming to day.

Evie Jane: It was my pleasure

Louise May: Thank you for having me.

Holly Walker: So to you guys at home do think Space is worth the cost? I’m Holly Walker and this is NASA news. See you next time.

All: Bye!

P.S, upbeat_acorn helped us with post.

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