Space, such a wonderful place.

Space is a black blanket that stretches along the universe. Here are somf my opinions about the big questions of space:

1. Are we alone?

In my opinion, we are not. Well, this is according to scientists that life has been found on Mars! This may be a hoax, but people are reporting that area 51 could have different signs of life. You may be wondering about dinosaurs, they were alive someplace on the timeline, of course. But, in Australlia scientists have found life as far as 4.8 billion years ago! But nobody knows, something could be there out in the universe...

2. What is the universe made of?

The 600km wide space of darkness is made of 5% atoms and 95% of an unknown source. Over 80 years, scientists have finally discovered the remaining piece of the puzzle. The rest of the universe could be made of 2 sources: dark matter and dark energy. These words may be ufimiliarr to you so let me define it. Dark matter is invisible particles that so an invisible glue that makes our universe one. Dark energy is a source that spreads through space and is an opposition to gravity, and is why you float in space.

3. Don't hold your breath in space!

Do not try and hold your breath in space when you are exposed with no protection. Any exposed skin will vaporize, your tongue and eyes will start burning and without air in your lungs youeart will stop sending you oxegyon to your brain meaning you will pass out in 15 seconds due to lack of oxegyon and will die ue to exposure in 90 seconds. You will die by asphyxiation which is a state where there is a lack of oxegyon and you will result in dying. This is most likely to be by suffocation.

3. What's at the end of a black hole?

According to Einstein, a Black hole is actually an dying, large falling star. It caves in until it makes an infinitely dense infinitely point called a singularity. Overall, nobody would be able to tell the tale of what it is like to be in a black hole.

Overall, I feel like its amazing about how you can look at space from a different angle.

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  • Graveney-logo-250x250.jpg magical_chicken | Graveney School | United Kingdom
    30 Oct 2019

    I understand your post, but you mentioned how the rest of the universe could be made of dark matter or dark energy, which is incorrect as the rest or the universe could consist of what our galaxy does: regular matter. Great post though, keep up the hard work!

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