Space: why should we bother?

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The whole idea of space is pretty hard to get your head around. Just the thought of different planets, stars, rocks and even types of life not only in our solar system, but also in the whole of the universe, is enough to blow your mind. But, is it worth the risk, the work, the effort, or the money to explore further into the place that we live in?

Yes! We should go for it!

Curiosity is one of the main things that make our lives exciting. We can explore, adventure, ask questions, discover, and learn so much from speaking out. But if our questions are never answered, then what is the point of wondering? What is the point of thinking outside the box, other than to prove to your teacher that you know how to use a question mark? From the beginning of time, we have been asking questions, and finding answers, others we wouldn't know anything today! If we didn't ask why is this happening, or what is going on, then there would be no BNC to answer and debate on. Imagine if no one bothered to answer anything... And that might be the way that we go, not bothering to discover things about space might lead to not bothering to discover things about the Earth,and then not bothering to discover things about nature and then not bothering to discover things the ect. We don't want that for our society - humans are already lazy enough, and one day, learning about space may save us from problems and barriers humans have created. Space is amazing, and some people dedicate their life to exploring things out there. Should we really put a stop to their work, and forget about all they have discovered until this point? Should we really stop asking questions?

No! We must save our money for the things that really matter!

It is all very well saying that space is amazing and that it is the hope for our society and that it will save us from this and that, and that we should never stop asking questions and considering possibilities and that... However, think about what is happening, not in the universe, but on a much smaller scale. Think about what is happening to our WORLD. To what is happening to where we live! We need to protect the place that we live in now, not where we might in thousands of years time. If we always said " We'll just avoid that problem and go and do this, " not only would we be in need of answers to questions, but solutions to human made problems! How can we be expected to look after our whole solar system of we can't look after our planet? Also, we needed that money, time and effort for things that happen in our Earth. We need all the help we can get to solve problems that we have created. Also, why look up to the sky and explore and spend money up there... There is so much on our Earth that we haven't yet explored, why spend the money at on something unrealistic and far away.

My opinion.

While looking after our Earth is very important, I think that Space is so amazing and humans are so curious that it would be a shame not to explore. We have already discovered so much and spent SO much money on various things (e.g the International Space station, rockets, technology, scientists, data gathering) that it seems a shame to put a wall down and say "no more. We have spent too much money" . However, I think that it is important to look after what we have got, and not always say " we can use this when this runs out, and when that runs out we can use this. (An examples or of this might be of a child is always being careless with his/her possessions, and when one thing is lost or ruined, they just get replacement. However, one day, they may discover that they can't get more, either they came afford it or it is no longer available, or it is just not possible to get that anymore. Then the child would be stuck with lots of useless, broken possessions.)

Space travel is expensive, and not brilliant for the environment, but personally, I think it is worth it!

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