Space,will it be our new home?

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In this piece of work i am talking about space and climate change.

Why is there a possiblity we can leave our planet?

Our planet is in great danger and most people don't recognise it.There have been speeches,newsletters and even songs about how we should do something about climate change.Yet some people still don't listen. Restaurants have even tried to stop this.Places like mcdonalds and other places have gotton rid of plastic straws, to replace them with metal straws or paper straws.If climate change carries on there would certinaly be more chance of the tempreture increasing rapidy. This is a bad thing because you may have heard that ice is melting and flooding places around the world.In the future there are chances that some british cities could be completey under water.

why space?

In my opinion we need to discover more of space for our reasons.Like i said last pararaph it could become our next home.For that to happen we would need to try and survive in space.We need to discover space to check for resources like water or food.Some people beilieve that there may be life in space or on other planets.If that is true are they like us?Can they survive there?Where to they find their resources?If we discovered more of space we could be able to find life, if there is such thing as aliens, are they like us humans? then they would probably know how to survive.Have you ever thought, what happend the the astruanauts that got lost in space?Are they still alive or are they dead?Have they discovered anything?There is a big chance they are dead but it is possible they are still out there, floating around in space.Humans are pretty smart so if we did live in space we would probably find a way to survive.Could we build cities?How would we breathe?How would we eat?How expensive would it be?

Thank you for reading my first post about space~resourceful_drawing

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