SpaceX: Should they Worry?

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This post is inspired by the new post by Tom @ The BNC called SpaceX Prototype "blows its top" - is it a Failure? It explained what happened to SpaceX about their failed rocket launch and how Elon Musk - the CEO of SpaceX - isn't worried. But I'm not sure if he is right to not worry because this might hint that future rockets of their's might have the same outcome. In other words I was wondering if SpaceX's future rockets might crash as well and cause astronauts in that spacecraft to get injured or die. Now, obviously, this isn't right for SpaceX to keep sending rockets to space they now might fail; they need to ensure that they are entirely safe. But maybe SpaceX thinks that their future missions to space are unharmful, but I'm not so sure.

History of SpaceX's Explorations of Space

Falcon 9 - a series of rockets SpaceX sent to space from 2010 to now - have an extraordinary success rate. Out of the 78 rocket lanches, only 2 crashed leaving them with a 97.4% success rate. That shows how reliable they are and how unlikely they are to crash which could attract astronauts to work for them instead of other privatate companies. But it still isn't as good as NASA's Delta II has a 98% success rate. It might not seem like a big difference, which it isn't, but astronauts want to ensure that they are at their maximum safety. Because of their success rate, NASA is getting more attention when it comes to astronauts wanting to go to space. However, lots of people want to go on the new model of SpaceX rockets: the Starship. This is SpaceX latest model of rockets. Like the Falcon 9 model, it has a reusability function and even more so. This will help SpaceX save lots of money as they won't keep having to make a new spaceship for every new mission. It is safer than the Falcon 9 as well, so it might overtake NASA when it comes to safety.

Should They Worry

Now, this is the main question, Should They Worry? Like me, you might immediately think that they should, because if they don't then peoples' lives are at risk. But it isn't as simple as that. This is because if you worry then it might unnerve people and worry them as well. What I mean by this is if you tell everyone, for example, that you are worried the rocket will crash, you might lead them to think the same, and they might get worried and tell everyone else. If this information gets its way to the astronauts, they might decide not to pilot the rocket as they don't want to get injured or die, which is fair enough. But the problem is that the rocket was probably fine, just someone was nervous about it and had to tell someone else. They need to stay composed and calm or it will cause havoc and potentially the pilots deciding not to fly to space. So I think Elon Musk is right not to worry as he just needs to look into a bright future, not a non-existent miserable past.

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