The 1st ever rocket launch.

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This post will describe and give you facts about the 1st ever rocket launch and more so read on.

When was the 1st rocket launched???

The 1st rocket which could fly high enough to get into space was the V2 missile which was first launched by Germany in 1942. The first rocket that actually launched something into space was used to launch Sputnik,the first satellite,on October the 4 th 1957. The rocket that launched Sputnik was a R-7 ICBM rocket.

Who created the 1st rocket???

The 1st rockets that were used in modern rocketry was invented by Robert Goddard. For this he is known as a father of modern rocketry. He created the 1st succsess full fuel rocket,adding the nozzle design that is common today.

How does a plane fly ???

When a plane flies at steady speed, the forward thrust made by the engines is equal to the air resistance pulling back .... with a rocket thrust from the engInes pushes upwards while weight and drag try to pull it back down. When the rocket accelerates upward,the thrust is greater then the combined lift and drag.

What fuel is used in a rocket???

The petroleum used as rocket fuel is a type of high refined kerosene,called RP-1 in the United States. Petrolium fuels are usually used in combination with liquid oxygen as the oxidizer.

Is rocket fuel expencive???

The total amount of fuel for those interesting: 384071 gallons of liqued hydrone in the external tank of the shutitle,for a cost of £376,389.58.~141,750 gallons of liquid oxygen for a cost of £94,972.50. So the total cost would be £1,380,000. If you are interested in space fuel just to let you know the temperature could reach up to -297.3 degrees which is really cold.

We think space is wonderful because it's like another world that we have not discovered yet. We hope you liked our post and it gave you lots of information. Please read another one of our posts.

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