The beautiful Solar System!

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It is amzing how beautiful the Solar System is with every inch and how big it is and how tiny we are. You are probably looking up into the sky and glazing at the stars but never really know that much about the Solar System so here are some fascinating facts:

.The Sun is in one place where as the other Planets Orbit around it

.The Sun is so big that you could fit a million Earth's inside

. Saturn's ring is made up of dust and rocks

. Uranus is the only Planet lying on it's side

. Venus is the same size as Earth although the only difference is Venus spins the oppisite way

. The Planets order is Mecury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus and Neptune

So these are the facts and I hope you have learned something new about the Solar System and I hope you are inspired to learn more facts and you might really like the Solar System now and I am looking foward to reading your comments.

Thank you for reading my post. Written by brilliant_fossil.

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