The diary of Neil Armstrong

Dear Diary,

Oh lord! Today is the day, today I set off for Space! I can't believe it, am I really gonna be the first person going to space? Well, I better get going,I I can't be late!

4 Hours later...

Wow, that's was a bit of a drive wasn't it? Even longer than to an airport or the countryside. Blah, I hope the spaces it isn't hot, It's already boiling... As I enter the space station, I am greeted with a refreshing breeze hit me as a Air conditioning is directly above me.I see a reception with the NASA Logo. " Hello, Neil Armstrong" I proudly told the reception " Ah yes, First man going to Space aye? Don't be worried. We Assure you. This will be the best experience of your life!!!" Although I was worried, that speech made me feel a bit better.She guided me to where I would meet my 'driver' and my space suit. I was begging for it not to be tight and uncomfortable.I am gonna start in it for at least a week!

1 hour later...

I'm finally boarding the rocket. That took ridiculously long! This rocket is surprisingly High-tech. Honestly,II have never seen anything advanced like it. Out of nowhere, a beaming voice shook me " 10...9...8....7....6....5.....4....3....2...1! ...... BLAST OFF!!" The rocket shook rapidly as we began going higher....and higher! Now we play the waiting game - level EXTREME! -WWe war for 8 whole boring days eating boring food. I might as well sleep for the whole time and only wake up for food!


(Please note , None of this is true and none of actually happened )

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