The General Election 2019

Hey, guys, it's your favourite blogger, arrtisttic_opinioon, and today I'm going to be talking about the special, limited time issue. the General election of 2019. For your information, a general election is held every 5 years and is held so that the people of Britain can choose their government.

The info comes from:

The Conservatives:

The Conservative Party was founded in the nineteenth century, with the promise to back necessary public reform. The party supports rolling back the state and expanding the free market to create a spirit of competition and entrepreneurship. The Conservatives are the largest party in Parliament with 316 MPs. After the 2017 General Election, the Conservatives formed a minority government and signed a “confidence and supply” agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party. This means that the DUP will back the Conservatives on votes in the House of Commons.


Labour emerged from the trade union and socialist movements at the beginning of the twentieth century in order to represent workers in Parliament. They believe in tackling inequality and want society and the economy to be run in the interests of working people. With 258 MPs, Labour is the second biggest party in Parliament and the official opposition to the government.


The SNP is the largest party in the Scottish Parliament. They want to make Scotland independent from the rest of the UK and create a larger state, where many services are provided for free. The SNP have 35 MPs, making them the third-biggest party in Parliament.

The liberal democrats:

The Lib Dems formed in the 1980s, combining the existing Liberal Party and the Social Democrats, a group of MPs who split from Labour. They aim to create a society that values freedom, tolerance and social mobility. The Lib Dems currently have 12 MPs.

The greens:

The Green Party take a strong stand on environmental issues, such as reducing climate change and aim to create a more equal society, putting forward policies such as a basic income for all citizens and a ‘Robin Hood’ tax on banks. The Greens currently have 1 MP - Caroline Lucas.

This year, our most noble, some would say and our most rotten, Boris Johnson- PM of Great Britain and Northern Ireland had made the brave decision on presenting the most honourable parliament with the help and idea of a new election for the people to choose their government.

In contrast to this statement, many could say that the PM had pursued this plan just to save himself however, in my opinion, I think he was pushed in the position of committing this act.

To conclude what I have written today I ask all of you to research deeper as this is a limited time issue and we NEED to talk about as the adults in this country are stripping us off our rights, taking in the fact WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING! Moreover, the lections are on the 12th of December so stay tuned!

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