The Growing Problem Of Space Junk

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As long as humans have been exploring space, they have also been creating mess. This is called space junk. All space junk is the result of us launching objects from Earth, and it remaining in orbit until it re-enters the atmosphere.

What Is Causing Space Junk?

There are many man-made debris in orbit which includes old satellites and parts of used rockets, as well as the bits broken off and collisions. Space debris also includes a glove lost by astronaut, a camera lost by Michael Collins, a thermal blanket, lost garbage bags, a wrench and a toothbrush. Most have come from exploding rocket stages and satellites.

Space Junk In Numbers:

Active Satellites = 2,000

Dead Satellites =3,000

Pieces Of Space Junk Larger Than 10 Centimetres = 34,000

Pieces Of Space Junk Larger Than 1 Millimetre = 128,000,000

Why Is Space Junk Bad For Us?

  • risk to spacecrafts
  • our ability to use weather satellites
  • collisions in space

Why Should We Decrease Space Junk?

There is lots of space junk and it keeps on increasing. It needs to deacrease as in the future it could become a serious problem. They might launch 10,000 to 20,000 satellites over the next 5 to 10 years; that is a lot of space junk to be made.

My Opinion

My opinion on space junk is that one day it will make a impact on our lives so I think we should try and decrease it. As we launch more and more we face an ever-increasing chance of collision. I think it could be solved by sending less objects into orbit; but then we will not have as good TV or internet. Otherwise, scientists are developing an object called OSCaR (Obsolete Spacecraft Capture and Removal), that would hunt down debris and bring it into orbit.

Overall I think that the OSCaR could be the solution to help stop space junk.

Comments (6)

  • Phoenix-logo-250x250.jpg loyal_music | Phoenix Primary School
    07 Dec 2019

    Also it's very wasteful and I agree on you opinion

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  • Hammond School logo joyous_temperature | Hammond Junior School A
    09 Dec 2019

    I agree with your post easygoing_butterfly and with the information you have given us it proofs the subject that you have written about. In my opinion space junk should be stopped especially because it's man-made and that belongs on earth not other planets (at the moment because we're finding life,water and oxygen on mars). It also shouldn't even be in space other than lying on other planets universes or even lying out of the universes atmospheres.

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  • Hammond School logo courageous_fern | Hammond Junior School A
    09 Dec 2019

    I agree with you easygoing_butterfly because space junk is a big problem. This is why we should stop creating it until we have found a solution that will work well. Hopefully, this will make us more aware of what is going on and that it needs to stop soon. OSCaR could be the solution as you said meaning humans would still be happy (they would still have good TV and internet) and space would stop getting as polluted. However, it is possible that this may not work because there is only one so far; the universe is infinite and humans are constantly producing more and more that will eventually turn into space junk. But if it is a success and scientists create more, this could be the answer that we have been waiting for.

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  • Hammond School logo spirited_pear | Hammond Junior School A
    13 Dec 2019

    Yes I agree with easygoing _butterfly space junk is a huge problem and we should stop putting so much space junk in because if we keep on put it black wholes will not be able to take it all away so if we only put a tiny bit in.

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