The hardships an astronaut faces when going on a mission...

August 25th 3054 morning

I was standing in a crowd of supporters, they were cheering me on as I hopped my way to the rocket, with my heavy clunky astronaut suit on… and…

'Tick, tick' my alarm clock was ringing, feeding consciousness into my sleeping brain and forcing me to get up with a start. I began to get dressed into my trousers and slumped myself on the sofa. Slowly stirring my tea to get the heat out of it, I suddenly remembered today was the day, the last mental training session for my mission to Pluto in days.

Panting for breath, I raced up to my bedroom and put on my tight M&3 t-shirt before brushing my teeth and going to the loo.

It was only 4 minutes till my work, and it was only 1am in the morning!

Gobbling down a plateful of caviar and chips, I raced to my shoe cabinet and pulled out my new Nixon Aire shoes before remembering my wallet and bag. Finally, with all the stuff I needed, I raced downstairs and unlocked my door, before slamming it behind me.

August 26th 3045 afternoon

A day had past, and now I was in the all4yoo pub ordering green tea, some venison and thin bacon. Yesterday there had been an accident where Bob henequin [my former assistant] had a road accident and as I was getting ready for mental training, his son called me to share the bad news. That meant I missed training and the briefing for the mission, going to visit him in hospital.

August 29th 3045 morning

Today was the big day! I THREW myself of my bed and raced to the bathroom, then the bedroom, to put my clothes on before combing my piercing, blue hair and doing anything else I needed to do. I then rammed myself out of the house and ran to waterloo station and plopped my bottom on the seat of the nearest train to Gradient Dojocho centre of space exploration, then I got comfy in my seat for it was a long 2-day journey to Dojocho.

August 29th 3045 afternoon

Me and my team raced towards the rocket, the atmosphere was tense, but I was chuffed to be commander of the first mission to Pluto. As we passed through security, I was pulled out of the line by surprise to find out because I had missed the last training mission I was rejected from this mission. I tried to protest, I really did but it was no use. I was doomed...


I hope this recount captures what a challenge it is to be a successful astronaut although not everyone will miss their training!

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    25 Nov 2019

    Thank you for this creative diary entry, genuine_cat. You've shown your ability to write from another perspective. In future, we would like to see opinions and questions posted as discussion starters, rather than diary entries. If you have a diary entry, could you please write it here where there is already a post existing!

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