The order of importance

In today's lesson, we learnt the order of importance and I have a reason for every single thing that I wrote down today. The order my group had was: (smallest to largest)

Classical music, Costa, pop concerts, the cinema, history, holidays, space exploration,pets, medical research, hospitals.

My reason that classical music is not important is because if someone was going to die, then you would be too busy listening to classical music to help them!!! My reason for Costa is because it really isn't going to help mankind it will just give you a drink and a bag of crisps and a snack. My reason for pop concerts is because they are expensive, they aren't valuable and they can be quite dangerous. My reason for the cinema is because you could watch a film and eat popcorn at home any day! My reason for history is because it is in the middle, as it is important if one of your family dies, they would be history. Also if you needed to do a project on history at school, then it would be important to have researched facts about it to help you. My reason for holidays is that they are just after the middle because memories are important to you but, then at the same time it isn't as important as health and hospitals. Then today I said that hospitals and medical research were equally important and that space exploration was around their level of importance. A boy in my class disagreed with me, so I had to use my open mindedness and come up with a fair, balanced argument. I told him that space exploration was important because if in about 500 years, we have to move to another planet because of global warming, then we wouldn't know anything about the temperature or level of oxygen, because we hadn't done any research. Then I said that we would have trouble living there because there may not be enough oxygen, water and it might be too hot/cold to live there and then what would we do?! He said I had a fair point, but stuck to his opinion. My opinion on pets is that they are very important because they are the only things that stay with you your whole life. My opinion is that hospitals and medical research are equally most important, because our survival depends on them.

Please comment on my post and share your opinion on levels of importance just like me! Thank you for reading my post!!

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