The search for extra-terrestrial intelligence: is it worth it?

Since 1947, it has become clear that further investigation into space needs to be pursued. The world read about the incident at Roswell, New Mexico, and the hunt for hard evidence of alien life had begun.

I am inclined to conclude that there might be intelligent life in extra-terrestrial environments, and I shall explain why…

…I noticed that the dark side of the moon never shows. Although this is a natural phenomenon, space scientists agree that there are ‘objects’ on the surface of the moon, on Mars, other planets, and in orbit around Earth that cannot be explained, such as: The Black Knight Satellite, strange apparent man-made structures, as well as black holes and possible life-bearing planets in this galaxy and others.

Zecharia Sitchen stated that there may be a 12th planet beyond Neptune - Nibiru - and that Nibiru might be a home base for aliens. This links in perfectly with the Black Knight Satellite conspiracy, which, if examined closely, will look something like a black knight in chess. Could this be some sort of UFO? Furthermore, could black holes be a secret portal to other dimensions? Do non-human entities possess the technology to travel through time? Are our laws of physics wrong? These are the questions which astro-physicists are pondering.

Investing massively into cosmic research would be beneficial for humankind.


Belief in aliens and conspiracy theories is unscientific and inaccurate. There is NO water-tight proof. People that investigate such matters clearly have nothing better to do with their time and their judgement is clouded by biased thinking.

Recent pictures of so-called alien civilizations on the moon, Mars and other planets are over-pixelated forgeries and Photoshopped to appear like buildings we might see on Earth. Moreover, human brains are designed to look for familiar patterns and shapes.

Black holes are still largely theoretical despite the media attention. Zecharia Sitchen was constantly ignored by the scientific community for his outrageous theories, and the Black Knight Satellite is most likely a piece of space junk.

The immense cost of these programs at a time when the money could be spent on improving the quality of life on Earth is immoral.

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