The Truth of Space - Do we have to explore?

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Space exploration is interesting, but not good for our ecosystem and air. Every takeoff and landing releases a toxin called CO2, NO2 and HCI. These toxins go up into the air past the stratosphere splitting itself into even tinier toxins overpowering our fresh air and letting fog and viruses enter our body. When calculating carbon emissions, SpaceX is responsible for 2.9mil co2 waste annually. Elon Musk please save us :(

SpaceX and NASA aren't responsible when it comes to a clean earth- New information! Elon Musk, Head of SpaceX has just paid 1 MILLION pounds to TeamTrees! (Team Trees is a fundraiser where every pound you donate is equal to 1 tree. We want to reach 20 million trees by 31st of December.) So, i guess he made up for it! And, if you want to send things into space, reduce carbon and use safe gases like liquid hydrogen etc. etc. I'M TALKING TO YOU SPACEX!!

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  • Hammond School logo genuine_cat | Hammond Junior School A
    05 Jan 2020

    Exploring space is not necessary and we could spend the money going to it on reducing the amount of homeless people and curing cancer or even reducing the number of poor people. We need to stop climate chaos and focus our energy on doing exactly that! Going to space is a waste of resources, we have Earth. Isn't that enough?

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  • Hammond School logo versatile_molecule | Hammond Junior School B
    05 Jan 2020

    I think we should explore space because of how it benefits us. Without space exploration we would not have satellites which have enabled telecoms, CAT scans, artificial limbs, advancements in cancer treatment and so much more. In addition to this, space exploration allows scientists and engineers to strive higher and find life-changing discoveries at the same time.
    I do not think it is necessary to explore space because it is polluting and it is costly, launching the average rocket costs around 500 million dollars and releases nearly thirty tons of co2 into our atmosphere. I do not see the point in exploring space to help human kind when space exploration is contributing to one of the biggest problems we have ever faced. The space industry is worth over one trillion dollars, this money could be spent on reducing poverty and cleaning the seas of plastic. In addition to this, space exploration is extremely risky, the Apollo 11 mission nearly failed, in 1967, in a launch test, the cabin went up in flames, all three men inside died.

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  • global-conversation.png centered_nectarine | Zaitoun Prep Girls School B | Occupied Paletinian Territory
    29 Apr 2020

    I think that studying space is necessary for progress and development because, by exploring and studying space, we can overcome many life problems that face us, but not necessarily extravagant and exaggerated, because there are better problems if we start with them, such as treating diseases, problems of pollution and poverty all over the world

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  • Ditton Logo adept_king | Ditton Primary School C
    21 Oct 2020

    I think studying space is very good because I do study a bit of space and it's great to learn

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