Timelessness and Space Travel

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We obsess over space exploration and travel, and spend huge amounts of money on it, but is it really going to work well with time, and will we ever find any other life out there?

As a species, we build huge telescopes for the sole purpose of looking up at the stars and space. Through these, we try to find new planets, which have life on them, or which could be habitable. But is it worth it? When we look at planet far away, up to 10 billion light years away (the Hubble Space telescope), for example, 9000 light years away, we see light from 9000 years ago, because it has taken it that long to reach Earth. When we discover planets that we believe to not be able to sustain life, we right them off as uninhabitable. However, in that time, and the time it would take us to reach there, the climate may have changed, as Earth's did, to be able to support human life, but we will never know, because we believe it be uninhabitable, so leave it alone. The same is true with discovering alien life. When we search for other life in the universe, we may see light from before life has developed, so believe that there is no life on a particular planet. The same goes for them looking at us; when they look at Earth from millions of light years away, they are seeing an earth where life has not developed yet, so they belive it to not contain any. This both stops us from venturing to where they are, and them coming to us.

If this is true, then is it ever possible to find aliens, or for them to find us? And is it worth building huge new telescopes, using up huge sums of money which could be used for humanitarian causes, or others, when we are seeing an image from the past, so we could not know if a planet could sustain human life, because it may not have developed into that stage in our vision, but in reality, it has? And is it worthless seeing this, because space travel is all about finding new places to inhabit, or is it still worth building these telescopes to satisfy human curiosity and gain more knowlegde?

What do you think?

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