Trumps space force do you agree?

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Trumps space force when I first heard about it I couldn't believe my ears.What is trump doing though ,a space force why just why would someone want to deploy a space force what are they going to do find aliens and shoot them here are some reasons I think it could be a terrible idea!

1.Trump could make a a toll station in SPACE ( just in case you don't know what a toll station is it's basically you are driving across a border to another country you have to pay a certain amount of money to get across) and make you pay in space that is ridiculous.

2.If you want to shoot in space it could not work it will just float and go away they could make the technology and if they do they could scare life out there away

3. Making a space force will cost a shed load of money and could end up in solders dying and the insurance will go up alot

4.You have to have a lot of troops for a force and in SPACE it is goin to cost alot to acomodate the troops and food,water and clothes and the isurance you must have a whopping big wad of cash.

so i guess know ive made my point trumps space force is not a very good idea thank you for reading my issue and hope you like it and comment!

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