Was the space race a disadvantage?

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Could the space race be a disadvantage? Well many people may feel this subject is of total irrelevence but after Tom @ the BNC asked me if i can find reasoning to back up my comment i said sure thing so i have deicided to discuss the matter as a post. And do some digging.

I thougt the space race could be a disadvantage because the countries that were competing could have rushed their project causing failure and causing more money to be used on space exploration and causing people to die.The first attempt to launch a satellite into orbit was a fail this was in December 6th, 1957.It is known 2 seconds after leaving the launch pad the rocket lost thrust and sank back down rupting and exploding the tank engine.

In my opinion, this could have been a rushed project beacause if the builders of the rocket did a thorough check this would have not happened.There is not any clear evidence these project to outerspace were rushed but from reading about the failed launches its likely these projects were rushed to some extent.



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