Could we live on Titan?

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Was there ever life and water on other planets in the solar system ? Well, many scientist have discovered that there was actually water on Mars as they , other countries have sent robots eg. Curiosity and many more there . Those mechanical vehicles have also found out that a long time ago water on Mars literally covered as much of the planet like Earth does now! The other planets are left still to discover fully. Did you know spacecrafts and have explored and stated that Saturn's largest moon, Titan could really be a place on which we will be able to live on! On the contrary, I disagree with that point a bit. Here are my reasons. Firstly, traveling to Titan would be quite hard as it is very far away. In addition we would have to spend billions of $ ( dollars) on making a rocket which will hold enough fuel to get to the destination and to keep us safe. My next reason is that if we even get there, Titan is super far away from the Sun aswell so it will be freezing for us to live and we might even die of cold!

I conclude that there was life on some other planets in the Solar System but I believe that for our own good, we should not risk our and people's lives on sending them to planets they might not even survive on!

I warned you!

Kind regards, miraculous badger

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