We don't want war to happen weave got bigger problems like global warming

MR. Cleverly I want you to debate in parliament about Hong Kong future because it’s just like England kids there need a good life because we wouldn’t want to be in the situation their in. One problem might be they have the biggest army in the world also we do a lot of trading with them

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  • St Marys Whitstable logo amicable_cello | St Mary's Catholic Primary School B
    10 Nov 2019

    I think that war is more important in the short term because war devastates everyone in the country and kills many people. War is also important because it could become more violent and have a tragic ending. Also people affected by war are sometimes moved to refugee camps as their country is no longer safe ; as they want to have a good life some try to escape dangerously,like in the back of a lorry and sometimes face serious consequences.
    In the long run climate change could result in the death of everyone if we do not stop of slow it down rapidly. It is easy to do something about climate change like stop using plastic however stopping war is a much harder issue to solve. We need to stop making wars so we can focus on other issues.

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  • St Marys Whitstable logo dedicated_strawberry | St Mary's Catholic Primary School B
    10 Nov 2019

    I think both because with global warming the earth could start to get hotter and hotter which we won’t be able to take the heat that would be a lot of lives lost but if we all stop causing climate change then we will survive.But also war is very important because a lot of families would be upset and there would be a lot of refugees that would have to travel to a safer country when that will be a risk.

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