What about the other planets?

Everyone has been so focused on Mars and living there that everyone has now forgotten about the other planets. The other planets have just as much chance as life being on them. There is not really a possibility of Pluto having life but the other planets do.

Mercury: Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun so it would be warm but there could be a rock that has formed due to the heat. That could help us on Earth and if we don’t check then we will never know.

Venus: This is just one planet away from the Earth so it could be a perfect temperature and we have found many things on Earth so why can’t we find just as many things on Venus .

Jupiter: This is the biggest planet of them all so there would be much more space to build and for people to live. There could also be many things that could lead to the cure of illnesses (Cancer.)

Saturn: this is also quite far away from the sun so it won’t be too hot. There is also potensal that there is life.

Do you think that these reasons help justify my question?

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