What are the specifications to go to Mars?

The specifications to go to Mars are obviously very strict. Not everyone will get a space and many applications are rejected. To visit mars you must be:

  • Resilient and capable
  • Adaptable and curious
  • Trustworthy
  • Creative and resourceful
  • Above the age of 18
  • A2 english level ( A levels)
  • Other physical requirements

The selction process consists of 4 rounds (you need to pass all 4 to be selected) astronauts are picked in 6 groups of 4. Round 1 consists of an online application. Round 2 requires a medical statement provided by a certified physician. Round 3 tests your physical attributes by partaking in a series of indoor and outdoor group challenges. In round 4 you must be put in isolation to see how you will cope.

All of these specifications need to be met to apply for the Mars mission, if any of these requirements are not met, your application will be denied.

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