What can we do with space and what should we do?

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Many people who I know have asked questions like: what will we do when the sun bursts? Will we go to mars and live there? And I know for a fact that I myself ask these same questions to people and find myself typing them up on google. Therefore, I have tried to answer these questions in this post. Scientists, people working in the international space, and world leaders are doing many things so that we can use it to our advantage. For example, living on Mars and going on holiday to space. But to me, some are better than others. An example of this would be having a space force.

Donald Trump wants to have a space force. This is like the air force, navy, and army but in space. Personally, I'm not extremely fond of this idea; however, I can see some of the plus sides. Once and if this is established it will be lead military service for space operations. This is good because it could contribute to space exploration and expand our knowledge of space. The Space Force would be organized with the missions of protecting the United States' interests in space. I am not entirely sure what this means but I think it's so that the USA can do what they want with space and not have anyone or anything stopping them from doing it. Nonetheless, it could also mean protecting a country from other things in space or other countries. This leads me to my next point on why it is good. The USA will be able to have advanced security adding to their army which is the best in the world and they are already spending 612.5 billion dollars on it.

One of the negatives of having a space force would be that it could lead to extreme militarism. Since many countries like India already have decided that they want the best space program, they would think "hey, the USA is 'beating' us now we need to have a space force so that we can 'beat' them." This leads to money being thrown straight out of the window just to be the best. I decided to use the word 'beat' since militarism is like a competition to see who has the best army and the country prides itself because of it. One of the reasons why WW1 started was because of countries being militant and we don't want a repeat of that.

I think that the USA shouldn't go forward with this idea.

People working at the international space station want to see if we can live on Mars one day. This is because Mars and our Earth have many similarities and we want to find out if perhaps we could live there. One reason why it's useful to find out is that one day ( far from now ) the sun will get so big, that it will engulf the Earth and everything living on it. And since we want to carry on the human race, it would be useful if we had a planet b - not saying that it should be our first resort for climate change. Another reason why this is a good idea is that another key world issue is overpopulation. This basically means that there isn't enough room on the Earth to live and because of this lots of other things happen ie. global warming, excessive use of money and many more. If we could have another planet some of us humans could move to Mars and continue the race instead of having to deal with unnecessary issues.

Some reasons why this isn't a good idea is because even though there are some similarities there are also some differences that could stop the mission from happening. One would be that the atmospheric pressure is far too low and no one would be able to survive without pressure suits which costs a lot of money to make and as a result add to the large costs. According to a new study, Mars has lost so much of its potential greenhouse gases to space over billions of years that there is now no known possibility of transforming the remaining atmosphere into a breathable one. I found some of the information in this paragraph here.

I think that we should go forward with this idea.

Some people have said that one way to tackle climate change would be to shoot all of our rubbish into space. I could only find one reason why it is good but even I don't entirely agree with it. It stops all of our waste from being our problem right? Wrong. The gravitational pull given by our massive planet is only dependent on our distance from Earth's center, and causes all objects on or near it — including humans — to constantly accelerate "downwards." This would be if rockets and space ships weren't invented. Obviously, we have that kind of technology so another more valid reason would be that it would be very expensive since the sun is 150 million kilometers away from us ( the sun is where it all would be mainly sent ). Also, it would be extremely hard to position the rocket in a way that it would hit the sun as the earth moves in a sideways motion, relative to the sun. One risk would be that the rocket - filled with nuclear gases - could explode and we would have to deal with all of that chaos. Furthermore, it could crash in space and either give us even more space debris or come crashing back at the Earth and hit us. A lot of the information in this paragraph was found in this video.

I think that we shouldn't go forward with this idea.

People are spending money on going on holiday to space. This could be a good thing as it is very educational and in the future people may even be able to go on school trips to the moon. It's a lot more exciting than just your average holiday to Spain or France. Furthermore, it could be a very fun and amazing adventure.

Some negatives would be that a lot of money would be invested in paying for all of the equipment needed. Also, along with a lot of other things that happen in the ISS, it's an experiment. So you aren't going to be promised that you're going to come back alive.

I think that we should go forward with this idea.

These are some of the many things that people are wanting to do with and in space. Please comment on what your opinion is on these things. Thank you for reading my post.

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  • Beautiful post balanced_singer. I strongly agree with the video. To summarise it, scientist are thinking that we should be transporting trash via a spaceship that can take 7,000kg! For all out trash we would need 168,000,000 rockets, and that would only be for this year! The cost would be even more that the space station, at a cost of £3,000,000,000,000! This is because the distance between Earth a d the Sun 1,500,000km away from us
    In my opinion, this is a waste of money. Why can't we donate it so the less fortunate countries, as they are one of the world problems too. Launching trash into space is a good idea, but what if a rocket got stuck in the atmosphere, all of it would come raining down on us. Even launching a rocket out of our solar system is easier. Why? We move around the sun in a sideways motion. So, if we were to launch a rocket towards the sun, it would completely be lost elsewhere. Luckily there is one way. By slowing down the rocket by 30km per second, and to easily get out of the solar system we would only need to gain 12km per second. A nice stragety, right?

    But if we had a rocket fuller with nuclear waste and then explodes on the launch pad. That would be a whole different story. If it was to be successful, then it could flying and then explodes in the orbit. The most common scenario would be that we would be adding more debris to our already growing space junk. Or, we could do our part and, stop using do much junk.

    But, who knows we could just start putting it in a volcano.?

  • In space we can explore new things you can even play games and float in the space station.

  • This a great idea. The idea of inhabiting Mars may not be right since we are not used to the conditions and we do not have the correct equipment for the circumstances. In addition to this, I believe it would not be possible to inhabit it because is unidentified life forms and could be harmful to us including un expected storms etc. Secondly, this would cost much,much money especially the idea of building a whole new earth.

  • I think this post was amazing because you put so much debatable in it

  • I think we could explore more about space because there are still things in space that we haven’t discovered so I think we should keep on exploring and find out more.

  • I think we should go ahead with the space project because then we can explore other planets and enjoy their scenes as this is once in a lifetime opportunity. This would help us in future to make gadgets to assist are day to day lives. We can find other elements of matter in other planets. But, this is only possible if we go ahead with our plans. One thing to remember is that we cannot harm their environment for the sake of exploring. While we discover other planets we should respect their soil and not harm any natural objects. Overall this is a great plan as this gives us an opportunity to enjoy another planet we can live on.

    Thank you for hearing me out.

  • i ask myself all these questions too. i think that it would be too hard to move to mars straight away because of the temperatures and the amount of gravity there but we might be able to in the future if we keep making new inventions and try to come up with more ideas to help us with this.👍

  • i've thought the things in my mind to and i dont know what to do about it my friend

  • That is a good question I am actually not sure

  • Volcanoes do not break down, and if it is full of rubbish it will be extinct. It can also kill animals in the sea. Some people do not even RECYCLE!!! POLLUTION POLLUTION ALERT!!!!!

  • We should keep our planet safe and clean. In order for that, we need to stop cutting trees, smoking, diesel cars and finally stop using gas stations. So we need to use electric cars like Tesla.

  • I think that if people went to space for holiday it would be bad because no one would no what they were doing and it could end badly. If it got more popular in the future there would be a bigger chance of people dying. If you think about when transport we use a lot today was first invented it took a while for it to get efficient. It is very risky to send people into space on holiday. So I think it is a bad idea.

  • I think that we should either keep ex

  • I think we should explore more of space because if we find a perfect planet same as earth we could live on it but how would we get to it? The reason why is because if the world were explode we can live on that instead so it saves lives.

  • I think that FIRST we have a to take care of earth AND THEN we can explore space

  • We should keep on pushing forward and pionerring(keeping the environmental and economic downsides,side affects and consequences of our actions in mind,of course!)

  • I agree as if our planet does get to a state where we can't live there we need a planet to go to. I also think we need to protect our own planet.

  • why send rockets its just a bunch more of pollution

  • I agree with you cheerful meteor! The Earth is already filled with pollution! Why do we need more?

  • I understand where you are coming from with Donald Trump and the space force, however, I disagree. Donald Trump has already maintained great power and he could use a space force as another weapon. This abundance of power isn’t needed! He could become a serious threat and cause issues in the general public who strongly disagree with Trump if he was to execute his plans. Also, regarding the issue with overpopulation, I agree, however there are some counter arguments that could be used. For example, we have already damaged the environment on Earth; would it be a good idea to continue slow destruction, but with another planet? That would be unless the plans we make are sustainable (would not jeopardise the future of the planet).

  • You've asked lots of questions here. For now, I am going to be talking about going to Mars. I think we should go to Mars as Earth is getting too hot for us and there are too many people on Earth. If we were to go to Mars, we could build massive domes there as we wouldn't be able to live outside because of the bad gasses there. Inside of the domes, we could plant lots of trees and plants to create oxygen for us. To get this process optimal for human life it would take more than a century but it would be worth it. You might question whether people would really want to go outside and would be eager to see what the outside world looks like but the people born on Mars wouldn't question it as they are used to being inside.


  • i think that we should maybe look for another planet to create more population on, so that we can have a plan B if all goes wrong on Earth,as we have many issues going on in Earth such as: global warming ,deforestation and much more.we must be careful with this procedure and check the conditions are correct for us humans to live on.

  • should they take this far and try going to mars?

  • Leave it alone because we don't want to harm space as well.

  • seems intresting im shore i will learn lots about it

  • we could look for a another planet in case we ruin our planet.

  • I disagree that we should move our trash to another planet, I am almost certain that one day it would backfire on us somehow. Also it is not our right to dump our trash on another planet that does not belong to us, the universe does not belong to us no matter what we think. It is like dumping your trash into the sea, not knowing where it will go, but knowing it will probably cause harm.

  • I believe what we should do is develop the use of fuel and power for rockets because I think it is our duty to explore and discover like we have only explored 5% of the ocean and we could find a cure for a life threatening disease like cancer. It is up to us to descover more of the galaxy and planets.

    What we can do is is develop our facilities to the next level in order to place these formats on another planet like mars. This can even make People live on another planet, this could also reduce the waste on earth if the population is not as much, it can also help climate change.

    I believe if this is done we can find ways in order to maybe save endangered species from all over the world and have the ability to make animals live 5 or 10 years more then they can now.

  • Even though Mars is a long way from what we know and can do,you should look at what is happening so we should not do so much test runs but it is vital to explore further so if we have a catastrophe here on Earth.

  • I think that we should see if we could live in Mars but it could be dangerous but sometimes dangerous can be good!

  • this post has used Wikipedia it is a bad source of info because anyone can edit Wikipedia so there's no way for sure that its all true

  • I don’t think that they should let people have holidays in space because you may not survive and it would be awful if you would die also if you had a medical problem and they said you couldn’t go up to space you would feel a little left out. Also it would probably be really expensive and that’s just more money going out the window and you could be spending it on other things like things that you need. But if they could prove that people would survive in space then the money that you pay to go up there they could give it to charity.

  • I think we should to try out new things in space but I also think that we should not have holidays in space because you could run out of food and in order to sustain a large amount of food, you would need a large amount of money which is spent excessively.