What happens when the Universe ends?

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There has been debate among the scientific community on how the Universe could 'end', and I want to talk and see what others say here!

Anyway, there are many possible outcomes, and I haven't found all the ones out there! So, what will happen to life if it is out there when this immanent event will occur? Will there even be life? What will happen to humans - if indeed we exist or the sun has engulfed our planet and the planets?

I digress. I have gathered some info and figured that there are 4 main theories to the end of the universe.

The big freeze: The universe just expands infinitely and as it does, it becomes colder and colder until it is too cold to sustain life. All the stars eventually burn out and there is no heat to make new ones, so all life dies.

The big crunch: The complete opposite of the big bang! As it expands, gravity eventually stops the expansion, then the Universe contracts and collapses into a point, hence the name.

The bounce effect (I named this as I couldn't find the proper name.): This one is more imaginative but who knows? This effect entails that when the universe reaches it's highest capacity, it starts to shrink, much like the big crunch effect. But when it is at, essentially, it's size at the beginning of time, it expands again, or 'explodes' again like the big bang.

There may be other theories out there, but those are the main ones.

Personally, I believe that the Universe will have the big freeze effect, and it will continue to expand infinitely like it has been doing for 13.8 billion years. The BBC quotes:

Using this new intel, we can discover that the universe could end, depending on the circumstances. It will continue to expand, and 'eventually... freezing out'. This is basically the Big Freeze theory. It also contradicts itsself by saying 'if there is too much stuff, the expansion... will slow down and stop, Then... begin to contract.' This last part is the big crunch.

So, what theory is ultimate? Are any of them really true? Is the end actually inevitable, or so scientists have it all wrong?

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