What is a black hole ?

A black hole is a unusual rather scary yet interesting phenomenon of space. They have such a strong pull it pulls stars and planets and if the black hole is big enough it could pull a planet. The first layer of a black hole is called the event horizon that is where gravity is so strong it will pull you apart by atom by atom same thing with anything that enters. Whereas some sientific discoveries have given information which supports the idea of travelling through different dimensions. If two black holes collide it has a ripple affect on the fabric of space time which has an affect on time and the past and the future but not an extremely big difference.

This may sound rather flabergasting. Furthermore, physics has proven that space expands as time goes by such as the earthcolliding with other plants in the past but scientific discoveries have proven if a telescope were powerful enough it would be able to see deeper into the past or into the future.

In addition to this, there are some chances you could survive a trip through a black hole, more specifically a large rotating black hole. In the centre of our galaxy ,the milky way, there is a large black hole this is 27 million light years away so there is nothing to worry about. Speaking of black holes, the start of a star is normally a type of space air particles/gas that is called a stellar nebula then is becomes an average star or massive star. A massive star normally becomes a red supergiant which is an extremely big star is 1500 times bigger than our sun which is big anyway so you cant imagine how big it would be, some nebulars become a blue hypergiant which is biggest and largest star ever dicovered. Lets get straight to the point at the end of the massive star lifespan it becomes a supernover which is an EXTREMELY big explosion caused by a lack of fuel and gasses or the natural death of a star. The outcome is either a black hole or a neutron star which of ejects particles. I think NASA should continue with research and discover more of the mysteries the black hole hides.

Ive gained all of my knowledge from my children encyclopedia and my hobby is to learn and read about astronomy since the age of 4.

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