What is the most unlikely planet that we're going to live on?

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I'm going to split this post to lots of sections, all the planets except earth and what there is there to stop us living there and also a conclusion.


We can't live here because 95.32% of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide which is not good for us.There is 0.16% of oxygen here which is not enough, also there is 2.6% of molecular nitrogen and 1.9% of argon.


The core of Jupiter is thought to be 24,000 degrees celcius and we would boil on that and it doesn't have any oxygen and we can't live without oxygen. Jupiter is -145 degrees Celcius and that is too cold.


Temperatures at the top of it's clouds can fall down to -150 degrees Celcius and that is too cold, also you can't stand on Saturn. There is roughly 75% of hydrogen 25% of helium. Saturn is windy.


Neptune is -200 degrees celcius and that is way too cold for us. Also, we can't breathe there because there is no oxygen. As you go further inside neptune, it gets warmer, and we could live in that.


Venus is 462 degrees celcius and that is so hot. Lead would melt on the surface of Venus. If you went on venus, you would be crushed by the enourmous weight of the atmosphere.


Mercury can go from -173 degrees celcius at night and 472 during day.


Uranus is mostly made of swirling fluids so you can't stand on it and you can't fly through the atmosphere unscathed either. It is -224 degrees celcius which is too cold.


We probably can't live on any of them but I think the most unlikely planet is Venus because if you went on it you would boil and you would be crushed by the atmosphere.

What do you think?

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