what will happen in the future of space, and is it worth it?

my answer to this question is space exploration is worth it, but also not worth it, so here's my answer why I think this.

I feel that space exploration is worth the time and effort because it is incredible to explore and find all about, and you can have a life-changing experience, no matter who you are and where you've come from in the beginning. It is probably a lot of kids' dreams to zoom up to space in a rocket and explore a whole new and totally different world!

Although I personally think that there is a slight downside to space exploration as well. Don't get me wrong, it would be an incredible dream to travel to space, but then again your life is completely at risk of ending in a split second, as space exploration is very risky, and can be extremely unpredictable. Adding another point, travelling can get super expensive, and space exploration is one of the best ways to get rid of your money!

Overall, I feel if you have enough money and daringness in you, then space is a great thing. I think in the future space could become a great holiday destination for the curious, and that it will become even more popular.

thank you for reading this, and please share your opinion and ideas!

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