Why do we want to go to Mars?

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For the past years NASA(and other space stations )have been wanting to go to Mars.Some space stations may just want to visit and some are considering to even live there,although we can't live there now with the rocky landscape and no water but maybe in the future we might be able to live or visit Mars.

Some scientists eve n say they've found traces of ice which was once water and there have been traces of life.Scientists have found some evidence that Mars was once like Earth.There have been rovers which were sent to Mars and it takes 20 minutes to send a message from Earth to Mars.

People have mixed opinions about going to Mars for example if you didn't think going to Mars was a good idea you could argue that back on Earth we have other problems including climate change and we don't need to waste that much money when we already have Earth to live on or if you think going to Mars is a good idea you might say that one day the Earth will end up like Mars so if we explore Mars now we might find away to live there if Earth ends up like Mars.So that will make a debate even though they are already exploring Mars.

If we ever do go to to live on Mars we will have to build a whole new civilization.

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