Activity 1: Audio vs visual journalism

Look at the picture below.

Activity 1

People in the picture could find news in many different places. And these can be sorted into two categories.

audio visual journalism

Pick at least one of the challenges below...

2:2:2 - Can you think of two examples that go into each circle, and two examples that go into the middle?

Your choice - which type of journalism do you prefer more? Why is this?

In their shoes: Why might different people prefer different types of journalism? Give as many reasons as you can.

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  • British Council.jpg rational_grape | Makini Academy | Kenya
    01 Jun 2022

    Challenge 2.
    I prefer Audio Journalism more than Visual Journalism because Visual Journalism needs you to always keep your eyes open and maybe you have an important job to finish and you don't want to miss the newsflash too but life can be easier with audio journalism because when one is doing his or her work, they can listen to the newsflash. For example, when doing work, you can always put on audio music to get you pumped up and that is similar to listening to the news while doing your chores. Let me use the picture as an example, the woman riding a bike and the vehicle motorist can use audio journalism to get news since it will be safer and they can avoid accidents by doing that. In the picture, a man or teenage boy is walking on the road watching the news on the phone which can be called visual journalism and because he is not looking ahead, he can get involved in a road accident.

    1. British Council.jpg contemplative_drum | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
      rational_grape's comment 02 Jun 2022

      Hello rational_grape, good answer and neatly explained.But don't you think that despite the many advantages of audio, the listener can have certain effects? Like the effects that usually occur in broadcasts, such as losing their quality due to various noise factors, and here the listener loses his enjoyment of the programs he is interested in, as he cannot control the interference, and there are no hard copies of the audio content?

  • British Council.jpg trusting_pear | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    01 Jun 2022

    Regarding audio journalism it includes radio, manual one or the car radios where you do explore news by just listening. An example for the second circle is newspaper (visual journalism) where you explore the news by your eyes. However, the TV and social media videos are a mix of visual and audio journalism, where they provide you with the picture and videos paired with the sound. I do prefer audio journalism as it could be accessible in all times, for instance if you're going on a road to job, school or wherever you can easily check the news by listening to the radio and not missing your attention to the street, or if you're walking where you can't read the news. Everyone is different, though everyone has a special taste and a special brilliance. For instance, you notice old people with all the modern inventions (TV) still rely on reading the news everyday as they relax their morning, chill with a drink, and search the newspaper as they prefer. On the other hand, you see busy people tend to audio journalism, while they drive, walk, work ... Lastly, youth and teenagers prefer the mix of audio and visual journalism as they have time, entertain watching the 2D pics and understand more this way.

    1. British Council.jpg friendly_currency | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
      trusting_pear's comment 01 Jun 2022

      According to what you’ve summed up with that teenager prefer audio and visual journalism, is there any chance that there will always be someone who can give deaf people news by hand movements? ( i meant like a small square in the corner of the screen that translates what they’re saying to deaf people by hand language)

    2. British Council.jpg amazing_reflection | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
      trusting_pear's comment 08 Jun 2022

      A great comment trusting_pear. Don't you think that visual journalism is more reliable as it provides pictures or more likely to say pieces of evidence about what's being said? For example a news said that an explosion has occured in a gasoline station, so in visual journalism they would provide a video of the explosion and a picture of the station that has exploded. So what do you think about this?

  • British Council.jpg rational_grape | Makini Academy | Kenya
    01 Jun 2022

    Challenge 1.
    Audio Journalism: a podcast, radio.
    Visual Journalism: social media, newspapers.
    Middle: television shoes, theater productions.

    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Alex @ KPMG
      rational_grape's comment 14 Jun 2022

      @rational_grape well done for thinking of 2 examples for each part of the diagram. Could you explain to me why theatre productions are a type of audio-visual journalism? (Remember that journalism is the production and distribution of news) Can you think of a different type of audio-visual journalism?

  • British Council.jpg friendly_currency | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    02 Jun 2022

    I have a question related to the topic of audio , visual and both journalism, can there be any effects on our mentality if we received the news in different ways ?

    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Alex @ KPMG
      friendly_currency's comment 14 Jun 2022

      @friendly_curency that is a great question! Can you do some research and answer it yourself? Is the effect of different types of news on mentality what you thought it would be?

  • British Council.jpg aware_painting | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    05 Jun 2022

    Audio journalism, I think, combines many qualities, as if it has a strong influence on people’s hearing. Also, the tone of voice has evidence that gives the person an opportunity to understand the news. As for the rest of the newspapers, such as visual and written, their impact is weak. When you read a news, it is done by reading without feeling. The main driver of the event and the story...

    1. avatar.jpg Rachel @ KPMG
      aware_painting's comment 14 Jun 2022

      Thanks for your comment aware_painting, can you think of any benefits of visual journalism?

  • Upton-Cross-logo-250x250.jpg intellectual_grape | Upton Cross Primary School | United Kingdom
    07 Jun 2022

    Mostly I prefer Audio journalism.The reason why I prefer this more is because when it is a visual journalism people may not fully understand it but Audio journalism you need to think about it, understand it and feel the emotion of what they are saying and it makes people more interested in the news.

    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Alex @ KPMG
      intellectual_grape's comment 14 Jun 2022

      @intellectual_grape can you explain a bit more why people may not fully understand visual journalism?

  • Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom interesting_leopard | Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom
    16 Jun 2022

    mainly, i prefer audio journalism because when using visual journalism many dont really understand it, mainly because visual journalism take longer & if one may be doing his or her work they may not have read it properly and understood it to its fullest. Meanwhile, audio journalism you can understand it more by listening and those words then get stuck into you head and u dont forget them, you can also multitask while listening to the audio playing. For me, audio vision works best for me i can sit and listen to the audio and remember most of it. While, visual journalism does not work best for me because im not a very good reader & i forget most things i read.

    1. Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
      interesting_leopard's comment 16 Jun 2022

      I like your point about how audio put a focus on listening and the words stay with us longer!

  • St Michael's Middle School free_seagull | St Michael's Middle School A | United Kingdom
    17 Jun 2022

    I choose challenge 2. I prefer visual journalism because being able to see what the news reporter is talking about is useful to really understand what the news station is covering. Even if there is no footage to go with the story, even seeing the reporters body language can be useful to help determine how serious the coverage is. Yet audio journalism is useful to listen to if you just want a light coverage of the news, not something which will go into to much depth. I think both types of journalism is important for different people to, so I think both are important.

  • St Michael's Middle School steady_mulberry | St Michael's Middle School A | United Kingdom
    17 Jun 2022

    personally i think that audio journalism is better than visual journalism as it is easier to multitask listening to the news and doing something else at the same time, though it cannot show you what something or someone looks like. Visual reporting also has its pros and cons, it can give visual descriptions of things but you can get distracted with whats going on on the picture rather than what is being said, it also is harder to multi task watching the news.

    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      steady_mulberry's comment 17 Jun 2022

      Thanks steady_mulberry? Do you think people should try to multitask whilst watching the news? Try to argue for both yes and no.

  • St Michael's Middle School fair_donkey | St Michael's Middle School A | United Kingdom
    17 Jun 2022

    I prefer audio journalism as you don't need to be reading it all the time, like if you driving you could listen to it or if your on a walk. The only problem is that it would be harder people who are deaf as they would need visual ones.

  • Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom mindful_olive | Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom
    18 Jun 2022

    I think that visual one is more easy because you can understand it better than listening to it so you can explore more but audio one is also good because you can hear creatures and nature and anything like that but for my opinion visual is more easy for me

  • Ormiston Sudbury Academy crafty_peach | Ormiston Sudbury Academy | United Kingdom
    28 Jun 2022

    Challenge 1: in the first circle for ears can be listening to people and radios are used. The next circle about using your eyes are social media and looking at the posters and in the middle I’d say TVs are used and cars as some you can see and hear what they are saying.

  • Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom zestful_independence | Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom
    30 Jun 2022

    In my opinion I prefer audio journalism, I love the fact that you can create your own atmosphere to understand the information you receive. It helps that you don't have to be isolated to one imagery and you can use your own imagination to understand the situation, in your own way especially if your confused or you can relate to it. I do think visual journalism is also good when you are watching the tv and it can help develop your mind a lot but I think audio journalism speaks to me more in a unique way.

  • Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom loyal_morning | Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom
    30 Jun 2022

    With audio your mind is blocked from imagining more but with video journalism your mind is free to imagen what you want to imagen

  • Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom opinionated_mulberry | Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom
    30 Jun 2022

    I prefer visual because I like to see evidence and visual can provide you with this e.g the news. I think visual gives you an image to keep in your head so you can remember it better. Although I can see why others prefer audio. Audio gives you the chance to make your own image.

  • Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom loyal_morning | Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom
    30 Jun 2022

    I think visual is better than audio because it is easier to understand but with audio you can get the words stuck in your head but in my opinion visual in better than audio

  • Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom outstanding_dinosaur | Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom
    30 Jun 2022

    I prefer audio journalism because it can give you a different perspective than with visual journalism. The reason for this is that with visual journalism you see what is depicted and that is all that you can see whilst with audio journalism you understand each side of the story more as you're listening to their story and not watching their story unfold in front of your eyes, which I believe can cause people to pick and choose a side. Also, in my opinion audio journalism is more accessible and more volatile. You can do several things whilst just listening.

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