Why Go With Visual Media?

People have different likes and hate for different things. For example, I might prefer Visual Journalism but you may not. But there is a reason for everything so today, I will be talking about why some people prefer Visual Journalism other than Audio Journalism. It might be because of:

Hearing Problems.

Somebody who cannot hear but can see is a deaf person. Deaf people cannot use Audio Journalism due to their hearing problems but can watch as the sign language interpreter interprets for them the news and that is one reason why some people( Deaf) prefer visual journalism. They prefer Specifically visuall Journalism such as social media and general news than books because they will need to sign as they read any of the words (English e.t.c).

Eye-Catching/ Attention.

When you scroll down on social media such as Twitter or Facebook you are likely to stop where you see a picture. Even when teaching, Pictures and videos are added to make the students more attentive in class other than writing paragraphs of notes on the board. I think this is linked to what I want to say. In Kenya, Tablets have been donated to public schools by the government to make learning more interesting for young children and I think it would be good if the government would also give some to Private schools.


The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that 95% of people share mobile video content with others. This can make one get a memory of what he or she read about the news and continue sharing with others around the world. They can remember it longer than they can remember a barren headline.

My question:

Why do you think people prefer visual journalism sometimes?

Link: https://www.grand-pr.org/blog/the-importance-of-visual-media#:~:text=The%20Interactive%20Advertising%20Bureau%20found,longer%20than%20a%20barren%20headline.

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    07 Jun 2022

    Thank you for sharing the other side of your original post about why people go for audio journalism. Indeed, there are limitations to audio - how can radio and podcast companies help to make audio more accessible for everyone?

  • British Council.jpg rational_grape | Makini Academy | Kenya
    07 Jun 2022

    visual journalism is the practice of using images to convey information through media platforms and many more. It is a way of sharing information and exchanging information about what is happening around the world and can therefore make people aware of a situation and help fix it. Visual Journalism also brings development to the country in many ways.

    Visual Journalism in a school.

    What is making a kid understand a subject without a practical or watching a demonstration? Well, it's hard. Here in Kenya, a new curriculum has been set which is mainly about practicals. These practicals are always to be done at home or in school under the watch of the teacher. When the pupils are told to do a practical at home, then they are to send the videos by phone. But the situation is not always the same, For example, when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, schools had to shut down making learning visuall and this has resulted in development even when children are not learning in school because some of them graduated from school and are now paying tax that is used to develop the country more and more.

    My question:

    In what other ways has Visuall Journalism developed countries? It might be your country or another.

  • British Council.jpg amazing_reflection | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    08 Jun 2022

    As an another example of why might people like visual journalism is the love of reading. Some people are really interested in reading books, articles, newspaper or even posts that convey information and news, and this is a great reason of why some people might prefer visual journalism as they consider reading as a hobby. I would like to as a question, do you think that any of audio or visual journalism is more important than the other? Explain why.

    1. St Michael's Middle School devoted_buffalo | St Michael's Middle School A | United Kingdom
      amazing_reflection's comment 17 Jun 2022

      I disagree with this. Although I understand your ideas, I believe that visual journalism is pictures and images. Audio journalism is essentially words as well jusr spoken rather than read. Where as images and videos can be interpreted in different ways. Images can also bring variation into the community and give other points of views to make people more understanding of a situation or cause.

  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    10 Jun 2022

    Visual press is used in:
    Visual media, for example, plays an important role in raising people's awareness and introducing different cultures by broadcasting various economic, political, cultural and social programmes. The visual press provides people with a store of knowledge and cultural experiences through its broadcasts of various cultural programs and films, whether they deal with research on specific issues, the world of animals or the world of the seas. Visual journalism encourages the child to communicate with the outside world and to acquire different sciences through training and educational programs directed to children. Visual journalism develops a sense of fun among the masses through its broadcast of humorous programmes, or develops their culture by broadcasting various competitions.

  • Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom outspoken_coyote | Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom
    01 Jul 2022

    I think visual media just gives you an image on the screen while its talking and audio media just you have to create your ownm image and sometimes people find that hard where as with visual you dont need to do all the hard work the screen does it for you.

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