Why People prefer Different types of journalism

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There is Visuall Journalism and Audio Journalism. Audio Journalism in Journalism that you use your ear to understand the news, for example, radios and podcasts. Visuall Journalism is a type of Journalism that you use your eyes to understand more about it. People use different types of Journalism and have reasons for them. Now, my first question is Why do some people prefer Audio Journalism? This is what I think:


Televisions are expensive and for them to show channels they are connected to either Wi-Fi or a decoder which has to be subscribed to after a month making them even more expensive. In rural areas, people prefer radios because they just need batteries and a good signal. This is audio journalism, in fact, In rural parts of Kenya, people own keypad phones which are only able to present news through their built-in radios and radios themselves.

Internet Connections. (Wi-Fi)

Most audio journalism doesn't require Internet Connections such as Wi-fi making it affordable since it might be hard for some people to pay for the subscriptions mostly in this Covid-19 Pandemic and the Ukraine war that has made prices go higher for some things. Radios don't need Internet connections for reporting news however, there is some DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radios which can be used either offline or online but are much more expensive. When online (connected to Wi-Fi), they present more news channels specifically the international ones. For example, there are digital audio broadcasting stations like BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 1.

Business. (How busy you are)

Visuall Journalism needs you to always keep your eyes open while Audio Journalism does not need you to always keep your eyes on the screen/ paper, rather, it needs you to listen and that is why people prefer Audio Journalism to Visuall Journalism because they can listen to it as they do their work.

Why do some people prefer Audio Journalism apart from the ones mentioned?

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    06 Jun 2022

    A good set of reasons, rational_grape. Can other people think of any arguments why people might prefer visual journalism?

  • British Council.jpg amazing_reflection | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    08 Jun 2022

    Thank you rational_grape for this post. You said that audio journalism is affordable when it comes to TVs, but don't you think that TVs combine both audio and visual journalism? it's not confined on visual journalism only, however visual journalism is by newspaper for example which is affordable as well when it comes to affordability, so what do you think about this?

  • British Council.jpg amazing_reflection | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    08 Jun 2022

    And as an another reason of why might people prefer audio journalism when people are blind, maybe there are some techniques that help them read newspaper or something, however audio journalism is much easier for them go keep in touch with the latest updates.

  • British Council.jpg trusting_pear | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    08 Jun 2022

    my question for rational_grape as he/she mentioned that TVs are expensive, is that don't you think that with all the rapid development of technology that everyone has TV nowadays in their homes? as TVs have different types and sizes being affordable to every social layer. In addition, because of the great evolvement of TVs radio channels have dimished to reach almost zero in some countries.

  • British Council.jpg rational_grape | Makini Academy | Kenya
    20 Jun 2022

    Not everything is perfect even DUde perfect himself is not perfect. I would like to talk about the disadvantages of audio journalism specifically radios. Radio is a type of audio journalism used by many in Africa because of its price, however, they don't have a very good quality but some have but with disadvantages such as:


    When looking for a radio station, you will notice that roughly 40%-65% of the radio stations won't catch well. This gives the users a hard time and sometimes it makes them miss an important headline. The disadvantage can also be caused by weather changes such as high rainfalls which will disrupt the connections immediately and it will be another problem if your radio is charged because, in the rural parts of Kenya, there are power shortages due to the heavy rainfall.

    No visuals.

    People prefer visual media to audio because of the images that attract their eyes and not words. The only thing that you can admire with radios is that they have music which makes them less boring but still remember the music channels may not be as clear to hear since there is always wind to disrupt the signal connection.

    What are other disadvantages of radios and even podcasts?

    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      rational_grape's comment 21 Jun 2022

      This is a great comment - I particularly like the clear way that you have structured your ideas. Do you think the strengths of radio outweigh the weaknesses, or not?

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