A balanced argument

The definition of a balance argument:

A balanced argument is when you have a phrase or statement to argue over but then you have to say both sides of the argument. To help us, in our school we 'P.e.e on our work'. It sounds disgusting but it's usefull.


The P is for Point, the E is for evidence and the last E is for explain. So you give your point, you back it up with evidence then you use explain your point and evidence.

Argument: Should Trump's wall be knocked down?


In my opinion, I agree because it stops a lot of wildlife migration, some people need to get to the USA for urgent reasons, it wastes a lot of money, it will damage the USA relationship with the USA and many more. For example, America already spends billions of dollars on things like drones, vehicles, watercrafts, cameratowers, aircrafts and lots of other equipment that they use to guard their border.


I disagree because it seems to be popular so it might work and people who patrol the border say that the wall makes there job easier as a lot of people illegally coming in. On news round they have a special about Trump, his wall and border patrol.


Argument: She Mexicans be allowed in the USA?


I don't actually agree but as I'm demonstrating a balanced argument I would say that I agree because if they all come into there will be situations like food and water shortages. Also more houses will be have to made which means that lots of plants and trees will be taken down to build houses.

nald Trump is more popular because of his wall idea

#I don't actually agree or disagree



The reason I disagree is because there is a human right stating that everyone has the right to belong to a country and also the freedom to move and the right to seek a place to live. It is also similar to descrimination because Trump is saying that that the Mexicans can't come to the United States of America because there Mexican. That's like saying, Americans can't be in this world because of their Americans.

Argument: Has Donald Trump become more popular due to his wall idea?

I agree because in Trump's campaign he said he would build the wall and because he said that, he was voted president so it does seem that his reputation has risen since the election. Also the wall has made him more popular since it showed more than he showed up on the news before he became president.


In my opinion, I disagree. This is because before he became president of the United States of America -which was while he was campaigning- he was still known. Also he did a lot of campaigning so it's obvious that he would have showed up in things like the news, in newspapers and maybe even in talk shows.