Torn at the wall

I think we can all agree with the fact that clandestine immigration from Mexico to USA is a serious issue which really needs to be solved. In fact, because of it, phenomena such as drug and human trafficking and acts of terrorism have started to become a frightening reality.

Despite each of these motivations, to my mind, building a wall across the US-Mexico border isn't the best way to face the matter, because it's a rough and hasty solution!

Recentely I've seen a documentary showing how the Mexicans experience this absurd situationand it was really sad to see families split up by the wall in a reality in which the closest thing to a hug between two people is a touch of fingers through the holes of a fence.

I'm neither a politician nor an expert, therefore I don't know which the key to the solution could be, but such an inhuman measure shouldn't be even taken into account.

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