All over the world dasn't need Walls.

At the end of this project I reach the opinion that i'm totally against Trump's wall.

In my opinion we are all citizens of the world, and nobody can stop anyone who wants to go away from their country to try to have a better life,because I think that leaving their country is painful.

To my mind the most important reason to be against the wall is because it is a physical block as well as a mental block against the Mexicans.

Moreover, it is important for me try to keep the peace all aroud the world, and in our age we have to solve problems with dialogue and we have to respect the dream's of everybody.

In the history of man there are a lot of examples of walls that were very problematic such as the Berlin's wall that divided people for many years.

Having respect of everybody means that we have to respect their decisions and if they wants to leave their country we can't prevent them.

To sum up, my idea about every kind of barriers is negative, because buliding a wall means disrespect towards other peopl and ideas.

The world would be a better place if everyone can give their contributions with their culture and their traditions.

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