For me Trump's wall is not different from the other two, because according to him the wall is used for defensive and preventive purposes. He wants to expand the wall to avoid drug trafficking from Mexico.

The Berlin's wall was built for political reasons while the China wall was built for defensive reasons.

Trump's wall wouldn't back migratory flows to people who have difficulty and could not reach the U.S.A and this is a bad thing because the people can't have a beautiful life and they are forced to live in difficult situations.

The walls are used to build buildings, not to divide thousands of families and prevent migrants from having a better future in a different country.

in conclusion I think that the Berlin Wall and Trump'S Wall only serve to destroy, while the Great Wall of China at the time it served to defend the state and now it has also become a tourist attraction for its splendor.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    10 May 2019

    Thanks for your post!

    Try to write comments under a post that is relevant to what you want to say rather than writing a new post. This means we'll get more interaction going between students.

  • swedish school.JPG insightful_watermelon | Skellefteå
    15 May 2019

    I Think it's difrent. Trump's wall is expencive and not usefull beacuse most drugs are smuggled through border checkpoints. The berlin wall was so peapole couldnt run away from the soviet side of berlin it was made to trap peapole in the worse side of berlin it cut peapole of from work and from family it was a horrible wall with armed guards and barbed wire, it was a wall made to keep peapole in and make them pay for trying to escape. The great wall of china was made to keep the mongols out whom sacked their citys and killed their peapole. I Think the walls where made for vastly difrent reasons and served vastly dirent purpuses.

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