Between America and Mexico

We arrive at the end of this amazing project, and this is the moment to talk about on the side of the Americans and of the Mexicans.

From the central border the protest rebounded between Tijuana and San Diego, in Baja California, where another "human wall" was created, chanting slogans such as "no human being is illegal" and "no more walls". "No more walls, no more forced repatriation, holding hands, we will demonstrate that national unity that does not distinguish between people, Mexico is more than a wall ". the Mexicans shouted. Infact in mexico this wall is called Wall of Shame. Its goal is to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the US border.

In the other side, more and more Americans want the Wall with Mexico because the US president has stoked fears and fears for illegal immigration, talked about criminal gangs that manage "vast quantities of illegal drugs" and who are responsible for "thousands of deaths". According to some experts, these operations would only be a maneuver to convince the US citiziens of border security and impenetrability while the economy would continue to benefit from the continuous flow low-cost labor arriving from across the border.

I think that Mexicans are right to protest because statistics show that they are more delinquent than American immigrants, and that most criminals arrive in the United States not across the southern border, but by plane.

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  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg quiet_horse | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    30 May 2019

    I think that what the Americans are doing is protecting themselves from danger but not realising the danger they are putting to the Mexicans. I agree with the fact that Mexicans have the right for them to protest because they are in danger because the Americans want to be safe. I think that is quite selfish and there should be someone to put a stop to this.

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