Dear Donald Trump


In class we read a book about a little boy called sam who wanted a wall in his bedroom between him and his brother beacuse they share a room. everyday he would write a letter to donald trump to tell him about his wall that he is planning to build. Everyday sam writes a leter to Donald Trump telling him about his plans. The final letter that Donald Trump recieved said that sam no longer wanted a wall between him and his brother beacuse they were being nice to each other.

Could you find a different situation where this might happen?

I will give you a bit of insperation. You only have to write the first letter and last letter.

First letter

Dear Donald Trump,

In the ward at the hospital there is a anoying lady who keeps on invading my space she keeps on doing it i try to tell her to stop. She just wont listen. I really want to build a wall between me and her. A concrete wall. A concrete wall as tall as the ceiling. A concrete wall as tall as the ceiling and that is industructebale.No one but my familly and the nurses are allowed to come inside the wall.i am sick of it i just really want the wall right now.

Sincerly, good_hedgehog

Final letter

Dear Donald Trump,

I've changed my mind about that wall in the hospital. The lady right next to me has turned out to be really nice. we chat and get on really well the nurses always smile when they come over to check on me and they see me and the lady chatting away like nothing at all has happed to our bodies. I am really thankfull that I didn't build the wall i would feel so lonley and isolated just with my familly. It's nice to meet new people right?

Sincerly, good_hedgehog

Thanks for reading make sure to put your letters down in the comment section down below


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