Dear president Donald Trumps


Dear President,

I've always been used to expressing my opinion to inform me and to acquire as much information as possible to express it in full awareness.

On the question of building a wall between Mexico and the United States, I saw many videos and what struck me most was certainly the design of a miniature president who likes to build a great barrier with heavy stones and bricks like a child who wants to play.

The thing that made me think the most was definitely his arrogance claiming to declare "shutdown" that is the blocking of the administrative activities of the government which is reached every time a financial law is not approved in the terms established by law throughout the country, I read all this behavior as childish and immature.

I am of the opinion that this wall was not created to counteract the illegal passage of drugs because, since the time of the "El Chapo", they used underground tunnels that passed between the two nations but to avoid the passage of immigrants.

Papa Francesco during the World Youth Day in Panama said "This is the criterion by which people are divided: bridge builders and masonry manufacturers sow fear and divide people, what do you want to be? I believe that this message is fundamental nowadays and that it can make us reflect also I believe it is right to learn from the past and from those that were our mistakes trying not to commit them anymore

In the country where I live there are no barriers and for this reason millions of immigrants come to Italy to improve their living conditions, for me every country in the world must help nations in difficulty because nobody is the winner in a war and it is a cause of suffering for all and above all we must remember that some time ago we too were migrants.

I know that you will never answer me,but in this letter I just want to show my opinions and I hope that someone could answer me.

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