Does Trump really need to build the wall?


First of all if Trump didint come up with this idea there would be no discussion. But that he already said that he will build wall I will write a post about him and his idea to build a wall beteween USA and Mexico.

Trump has said that he will build a wall and use it as a boarder that nobody can cross through it. Trump has this a really long time ago, but he didint build the wall yet which is REALLY good! But I am afraid that he will build the wall that really divides people from meeting each other. If Trump doesnt want any imigrants coming from Mexico, then sure. But he can come up with another idea than to build a wall. If he doesnt etither want any drugs smuggled in the country then fine. But please come up with another plan Trump!

I found something terrible too. I recently searched about trump burilding his wall, and I found out that he wants Mexico to pay ( I didint really get if only Mexico needs to spend money for trump so he can build his wall or if both Trump pays and Mexico pays) to build the great big wall that Trump wishes to become reality.

Mexico isn´t included or come up with that Trump should build the huge wall, and now Trump wants Mexico to pay?? Really?? I really think that Mexico should NOT pay for that wall that destroys peoples freedom. Is this why the world is made? The answer is simple: NO! The world is made for people to live happily.

I hope that Trump changes his mind and does NOT build the wall! :)

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